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Important Tips

To complement the careful planning in establishing your Insurance Program, it is necessary that in the event of an incident which will or may give rise to a claim, a procedure must be adopted for the proper and expeditious conduct of the claim. By carefully following this procedure, the impact on your business operations will be minimized.
There are number of steps which must be taken immediately:

      • Report the incident to us by telephone, facsimile or email, wherever practicable, within 24 hours of the incident.
      • Regardless of whether or not the claim has been reported or a loss assessor appointed, you must immediately do whatever is necessary to prevent further loss of life or property damage. For example:
  • Call the fire brigade, ambulance, police or other appropriate emergency service.
  • If during business hours, ensure the evacuation, if necessary, of staff and neighbors.
  • If critical machinery fails, commence investigations to locate replacement plant or services.
  • Have a security company install boarding over smashed windows and, if appropriate, employ an overnight security watchman.
  • Remove property which is exposed to further loss or damage to a more secure place if possible.
  • Providing no danger to life or limb is involved, ensure the safe removal and storage of vital business records.
      • Complete all claims documentation as soon as practicable and forward to LEADS along with the supporting documents.
      • Whatever the circumstances of the incident, DO NOT ADMIT LIABILITY EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU ARE AT FAULT. Your Insurer is entitled to deny a claim or pay a reduced amount if statements made by you or your employees prejudice the Insurer's position.

It is impossible to give guidelines for procedures to follow in every claim, simply because of the nature of accidents –
• They cannot be predicted
• They do not follow set patterns
However, the above general procedures can be relied upon to cover most circumstances.

In the event of a claim, please contact us to arrange the appropriate insurers claim form and to guide you through the whole process.

Your General Responsibilities

All insurance policies have claims conditions that impose certain requirements. Failure to meet these can lead to problems obtaining a full settlement or, in some cases, getting any payment at all.
Your basic responsibilities where a claim or accident reporting incident arises are:

  • To report the incident to us or your insurer immediately;
  • To take all reasonable steps to minimize the loss;
  • To advise the authorities, where appropriate;
  • To co-operate with us and/or your insurer in any investigation including the supply of supporting evidence;
  • To act at all times in good faith; and
  • Where damage to another person or their property is concerned (for example in the case of liability claims), to never admit liability to anyone and refer any correspondence received direct to us/insurance company.

Remember that you have a duty to report accidents even where they may not immediately lead you to make a claim. For instance, consider a motor accident where little damage appears to have been done and both parties depart the scene amicably. You should still report the incident. This is in case sometime afterwards the other driver discovers that there is damage to his/her vehicle and that you are at fault for it. Or worse, that he or a passenger have been hurt in the accident (something he/she may well not have noticed at the time).

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